Fundamentals of Bioinformatics

Category: MIPT

Course "Basics of Bioinformatics" is designed for students who do not have knowledge in the field of bioinformatics, and being confident PC users. Bioinformatics is seen as a set of approaches to the analysis of the data obtained in biological experiments.
The course discusses the most relevant bioinformatics problems today. Simultaneously with this specific problem students disassembled Biology not descriptive, and the measuring point of view. Unique representation of the course is to use the real problems of pilot experience FHM Research Institute, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Kurchatov Institute.

2014-05-22 12:11:14 DGAlekseev Alekseev Dmitry Glebovich mipt:bio AVTyaht_-BiIn-L080-1211160100130509 DGAlekse-BiIn-L020-1209210100130509 DGAlekse-BiIn-L030-1209280100130509 DGAlekse-BiIn-L040-1210050100130509 DGAlekse-BiIn-L060-1210260100130509 DGAlekse-BiIn-L070-1211090100130509 DGAlekse-BiIn-L050-1210120100130509 DGAlekse-BiIn-L010-1209190200130509
15 June 2014
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