Physics. Quantum physics. Dopseminary

Category: Quantum

The course is designed for second-year students of technical universities. Lectures reads PhD, associate professor of General Physics MIPT graduate FRTK MIPT, Ovchinkin Vladimir.

At lectures addresses key problems in quantum physics. Explained in detail important for problem solving techniques and concepts, such as the photoelectric effect, de Broglie wavelength, the potential wells, the exchange interaction, the Zeeman effect, the radioactivity of fundamental forces and particles, elementary particles.

Each lecture seminar contains a brief theoretical review and address the key tasks that are important for understanding the principles of the practical application of theoretical knowledge. Theoretical calculations carried out with the help of knowledge based on the integral-differential calculus and vector algebry.Teoreticheskie calculations performed using the knowledge of the principles of integral-differential calculus, vector algebra, calculus, differential equations solutions foundations, foundations for solving equations of mathematical physics, probability theory is considered most of the tasks of jobs for students MIPT third year fifth semester.

15 June 2014
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