Physics. Thermodynamics. Dopseminary

Category: MIPT

The course examines the key aspects of modern thermodynamics, as part of the physical world picture. Explained in detail such important concepts as the equation of state, first law of thermodynamics, enthalpy, second law of thermodynamics, entropy, thermodynamic functions, phase equilibria, Maxwell distribution, Boltzmann and Gibbs, fluctuations, viscosity, thermal conductivity.
Each lecture seminar contains theoretical material, demonstration experiments, the solution of practical problems. Theoretical calculations carried out with the help of knowledge based on the integral-differential calculus, vector algebra and probability theory. For the development of this material is important fundamental understanding of the fundamentals of mathematical analysis and vector algebra, but it does not require deep and thorough knowledge of these disciplines.

This is a preliminary version of the course, laid out to facilitate the preparation for the exam. Please let us know about bugs.

2014-06-14 17:41:14 VAOvchinkin Ovchinkin Vladimir Aleksandrovich mipt:physics:thermodynamics VAOvchin-Ther-A010-1302120200130528 VAOvchin-Ther-A020-0902190200130528 VAOvchin-Ther-A030-0902260200130528 VAOvchin-Ther-A040-0903050200130528 VAOvchin-Ther-A050-0903120200130528 VAOvchin-Ther-A060-0903190200130528 VAOvchin-Ther-A070-0903260200130528 VAOvchin-Ther-A090-0904020200130528 VAOvchin-Ther-A100-0904090200130528 VAOvchin-Ther-A110-0904160200130528 VAOvchin-Ther-A120-1304230200130528 VAOvchin-Ther-A130-0904300200130528 VAOvchin-Ther-A140-0905070200130528 VAOvchin-Ther-C000-1405300300131205
15 June 2014
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