Theoretical Physics. The field theory

Category: Theorphysics

The course examines the key aspects and concepts of the field theory as part of a theoretical physics course. In the course such important concepts as the principle of relativity, the relativistic addition of velocities, relativistic change in the length of moving scales, intervals, 4-vector, zero mass, the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian functions, the generalized momentum tensor of the electromagnetic field, the Larmor theorem, the adiabatic invariant, the limits of applicability of the classical theory field at small distances and in strong fields are explained in details.

Each topic contains theoretical calculations, the application of theory to some important tasks. Theoretical calculations are carried out with the help of knowledge based on the integral-differential calculus, vector algebra and calculus. For mastering of this material is important to have a fundamental understanding of the mathematical analysis and vector algebra fundamentals and the ability to practice the skills of using the mathematical apparatus

15 June 2014


Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor MIPT, Academician
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