Panfilov Alexander V.

Alexander Panfilov - Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Ghent, Belgium (Ghent University).

Professor Panfilov widely known for his work in the field of computer modeling of physiological processes occurring in the cardiac tissue, in particular anatomical model of the heart.
Alexander is the author of over 140 scientific publications, editor and columnist for the leading scientific - research journals such as «PLOS One», «Frontiers in Computational Physiology» (Frontiers in Computational Physiology) and many others.
He is a member of several specialized research communities, including Society of Theoretical Biology, Physiological Society of Great Britain, the Dutch Society for Theoretical Biology, and the American Physiological Society.

2014-05-16 13:15:47 mipt:biology Panfilov Alexander V. professor AVPanfil-BHrt-L010-1310250300131105
17 May 2014


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