Vlasov Peter K.

Graduate DMBP (FFHB) 2000, Department of Molecular Biophysics, Institute of Molecular Biology. Current position and place of work: Postdoc, Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and UPF, Barcelona, Spain.
Research interests: bioinformatics, the creation of drugs (drug-design), analysis and prediction of the properties of proteins and small molecules.
Subject of work: a computer analysis of a variety of molecular biological data (bioinformatics), the study of conformational properties of biopolymers (proteins and nucleic acids), the development of techniques predicting physicochemical properties of small molecules in the annex to the creation of drugs (drug-design, QSAR-technology) participation, as a consultant in research projects of Algodign LLC. (Theoretical developments in the field of pharmacologists)

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17 May 2014


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