Chernyshev Sergey B.

Professor HSE, NBI Director MIPT

1970-76 - graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

1980-87 - Research Consultant, Assistant to the Chairman of the Committee of Youth Organizations of the USSR.

1983-87 - co-author of a series of reports closed the country's leadership on the formation of the reformist ideology and strategy of the upcoming changes. During the discussion of the reports held over 100 meetings with the leaders of the CPSU Central Committee and the government. Materials published in 1989 in the book "After Communism."

1985-91 - one of the initiators and participants of the project "Space Shield." Preparation of the political and economic framework for the joint development and production of the US-Soviet space defense system. The project was initiated meetings with the leadership of "Heritage Foundation" think tank the Reagan administration.

1987-89 - one of the founders of the International Fund "Cultural Initiative" (Soros Foundation) and the first executive secretary of his reign.

1988-89 - initiator and participant of the project "Public sector in the Soviet economy." Formation of an international committee of experts from 16 countries under the auspices of the Chairman of USSR Council of Ministers Nikolai Ryzhkov. In six problem groups worked more than 60 heads of ministries and departments, leading economists, lawyers and sociologists. The purpose of the project - the creation of multi-currency gateway areas and growth poles for evolutionary modernization of the Soviet economic system.

1989-94 - President intellectual club "Gumanus."

1991-97 - Head of Research Department

Foreign Policy Association, coordinator of the club "GROUP immortal."

1992-95 - Editor-sostavitelHrestomatii new Russian identity "other."

1996-98 - Founder and member of the development team "Russian Journal" on the Internet.

1996-06 - Professor of the State University - Higher School of Economics.

1997-98 - Advisor to the First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of MDM Bank.

1996-02 - Head of the network project "Russian university."

1997-00 - one of the founders and a member of the Russian Committee for the meeting of the III millennium. 1998-04 - Head of the Institute of Corporate Entrepreneurship

Higher School of Economics.

2000-04 - Director General of the Center for Corporate Entrepreneurship.

2001 - Member of the Organizing Committee of the All-Russian working group of the Civic Forum.

1991 - present - A member of the Central Council of the Foreign Policy Association.

1996 - present: - Director of the Russian Institute.

2000 - present: - Founder and Board Member of the Center for Corporate Entrepreneurship.

2002 - present - Founder and Board Member

First National Fund staffing investments.

2005 - present: - Founder, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Management Company number 1.

2005 - present: - A member of the Project Committee Hydro.

2006 - present - Partner of ROEL Group.

2008 - NV - a member of the Board of Directors of the management company

"Institute of Project Finance"

2009 - present - Member of the Russian Association of International Cooperation (RAMS)

2010 - present - Member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Industry and Trade

17 May 2014


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